Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Countdown 2011@Langkawi

This post may be a little too late, but it's never too late! It's like the best countdown I've ever celebrated since maybe 4 years back? How does it feels like to countdown at the beautiful beach of Pantai Cenang with a bunch of great friends? One word describe it all - Awesome =)

-- 31st January 2010 --

There's something special about this day other than the Langkawi trip. You know who you are :)
The Cilaka Family departs to the Langkawi Jetty at Kuala Perlis. Basically, there are lots of counters there for you to purchase the tickets. To be on the safe side, especially when everyone is heading to Langkawi for the new year...do drop by the counters the day before to purchase your tix.



The ferry is fully air-conditioned. Sad to say, you can't go outside to catch the beautiful scenery as you approach the Langkawi Island. What can you do? Sleep, eat junk food or else watch TV. The journey is approximately 35-40minutes. You should get all the rest you need :)
Upon arrival, we took the Toyota Hiace and head towards the closest MacD we can find around Port Kuah. This Toyota Hiace fits frigging 14 pax! You gotta rent this vehicle if you're going with a huge group like mine.


Ah Hong and I pushing the Hiace - Ran out of gas

Chia Ling, Ted, Amanda and Danielle
The ladies!

Stayed in the Grand Beach Motel at Pantai Cenang. The hotel is good, only thing is that there's no room service for it. Cacat. But I couldn't ask for more at the price of RM150 for 2 queen size beds and air-conditioned. Location of the Motel - perfect! The Pantai Cenang beach is right behind the Motel itself so yeah, I do recommend this Motel if you're on a budget trip to Langkawi. Save the money and spend on booze is indeed a better idea.

Had dinner at Pantai Cenang. The girls were all well dressed up + makeup. The guys too! Beach theme I would say. The thing about this Cilaka family is that we do dressed up on occasions. If it's a party, then most prolly the guys will be on shirts and the girls on dresses. Stylish aren't we?





Countdown 2011 celebration @Pantai Cenang was the bomb! Fireworks from at least 3 parts of the beach with lanterns being lighted and lifted up the sky. To me, it looks similar to the scenery in Rapunzel seriously. Everyone was cheering but sad to say, there no countdown like "5, 4, 3, 2, 1,0!!!". It's a frigging countdown so where is it?! We had wine + Bacardi Apple. I know its a bad combination but heck, just do it. Hahaha, I wonder how many of them passed out that night. People, please be cautious at the beach ok! Do not frigging sleep in the beach and try not to get yourself into trouble if you're just not good with alcohol. There's tourists everywhere and you may not know what's gonna happen to you until you find out the next morning.

Marcus the Mixologist



The guy with wine...goodluck!

All of us cheering for year 2011!!!

-- 1st January 2011 --

Heh, I still remembered the morning so clearly. Drunken people waking up and asking the sober ones about what happen to them and etc... Me, on the other hand was just keeping quiet because I knew what happened. That's the best part of knowing your limits and keeping your close companions near to you. But I was so damn tired, so I just sleep and let the rest continue with the conversation.

Morning itself, we head for some simple breakfast nearby Pantai Cenang area. One thing, you don't have to worry about food here alright. Just walk out of your motel and there! Row of shop lots, cafeterias, boutiques and restaurants! After that, the Cilaka family decided to head to the famous "7 wells waterfall". The waterfall is like so high and beautiful. I have no idea how clean it is but the scenery is splendid! Water temperature is just nice for a dip/swim. You have to visit this place by all means!













After that, we head towards the "Oriental Village" nearby the "7 wells of waterfall". So what do we have there? Loads of souvenir shops, artistic handicrafts and the cable car. Wanted to take the cable car but it was so jam packed. Thought of trying our luck the following day but shyte happens hahaha. One thing, the Straw Hats here are a little expensive compared to the ones sold at Pantai Cenang, so think twice before purchasing.



Pantai Pasir Hitam - Black sand!


Rong Ze and Taesica!

In the evening, some of us played volleyball at Pantai Cenang. It's been a while since I had the chance to freely dive and dig the ball. Awesome! Next, we changed our volleyball to beach footsal instead! Teddy was being so excited and all, started kicking the ball damn hard lol. Adam was screaming for ball, and so as for Rong Ze trying to pass the ball to Adam and I while we are being distracted by Yee Lin and Samantha. I never thought Yee Lin would marked me so hard that she frigging stole the ball when it came to me. Anyways, I scored 2 goals. One of it is an own goal and I'm damn proud of it... wait wait. The verdict?

Being buried with so much sand! Kena compressed summore!


At night, we had a surprised birthday celebration for Sherlyn, Adam's gf. Here are the job assignments for those who did the beach birthday cake. Credits to others as well for helping out.

  1. Teddy - Planning the pattern and digging the holes
  2. Marcus - Beautifying the holes and removing excess sand
  3. Melody - The Cement girl cause she uses her slippers cement off the excess sand
  4. Rong Ze - Flash light man

Wonderful isn't it? =)


It's funny to hear Melody and Ah Hong arguing about who's gonna make the cake for their birthday. It's like both of them wanna win, neither one is gonna give in. Hahaha. So I told Melody, come on your boy is gonna give u a great one too no worries. Later, we went back to the Motel for some party games. "Heart Attack" was the bomb! Adam Phang was losing like frigging 5 times straight and I enjoyed seeing him drinking all the Bacardi by himself hahaha. Once u start drinking...ahh memang gone la. Your movements are gonna slow down and you gonna go kaboom!

-- 2nd January 2011 --

Marks the end of our trip in Langkawi island. We got ourselves into a small accident - self inflicted. So yeah, nid to get it done asap before passing it back to the owner. So what did we do? Well, just lepak around the Pantai Cenang area searching for souvenirs, stuffs, and etc. Last minute shopping anyone? Oh ya, we bought chocolates too! Kisses, After 8, and many more others. When it comes to liquor, we have frigging 12 liters to bring across to Perlis! I regret for purchasing only one bottle of Chivas. Maybe I was thinking about overspending and all...lol. I should have gotten myself Mint Baileys and Bacardi Lemon. Gahhh!!! I'll get it next round then :D










Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review of year 2010

Resolutions Year 2010 - Review

  1. Enriched oneself with knowledge. Relationship, fashion, technology, field of study and etc... [Completed]
  2. Character. The tongue, appearance, posture and attitude [Completed]
  3. Building communication breaking boundaries [Completed]
  4. Be myself. Potraying an image of oneself that is a lie is as bad as not ticking one's ticklist [Completed]
  5. Balancing out time for Family & Friends. Parents are of highest priority![50%Completed]
  6. Continue to be faithful with God. Prayer + Quiet time[20% completed]
  7. 21 years old. It's time to build up some muscles to look like my age [50% Completed]
  8. Live up to all 8 resolutions till the end of 2010 [Did my best :)]

Year 2010 has been a fruitful year. It is one of my most productive year, with loads of experience gained and self improvements. Been able to live up to most of it gives me the motivation to continue doing what's working correctly for myself. It's took me so long to realize that all these while, my efforts of self improvements was for the wrong reasons and the wrong approach. But this time, I knew that self improvements are always for your own self and not for anyone else. When you changed the way you think, you will change the way of approaching different situations and understanding them well enough.

What more can I say? I met a bunch of great friends from Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). The dance itself turn out to be so much more other than just performance then end of story. We gathered together and made the Cilaka Family. We hang out, chill and we never fail to put a smile on everyone's face. Do you know how hard it is to actually find a bunch of friends who you can put your trust on + going crazy with you? Really difficult! I am proud to say that I really enjoy my uni life right now =)

What I've learned:

  1. Make things happen. Nothing good comes into your door step without any effort
  2. Have passion in your work. When you love what you're doing, you will do the best
  3. Discipline brings the best results in the long run. You may not see the results right away, but you definitely know that you're heading in the right direction
  4. Honor your parents for they have been supporting you since birth
  5. Learn to leave your pain behind. You will never know that someone's special is right beside you but you were in pain till you forget what's good around you. Pain causes you to stay in your emotional state that you subconsciously neglect most of the positive things
  6. Change the way you do things if you keep falling into the same mistake. If Step 10 doesn't get you there, try Step 20 instead. Do things that work!
  7. Remain in the state of self-control. When you lose your sense of control, you screw things up. Stop, take a deep breathe and look back again before you make your next move
  8. Be a man of your words. Trust is something that you gain, not something you can buy. When you learn to take responsibility, people will know what type of person you are

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Cilaka Family

The "Cilaka" was formed by UniMAP dance performance group, in which we decided to combined it into one happy family, a place we can finally call home. Originally, the group is divided into two known as the Senior and Junior Dance group. Senior dance group consists of Melody, Lun, Teddy, BJ and Kelvin where else the Junior dance group consists of Yee Lin, Danielle, Amanda, Christine, Li Ting, Marcus, Ah Fook, Adam and Rong Ze. Our aim is to perform the modern dance for Pesta Tanglung UniMAP 2010. Senior dance was a combination of multiple songs with its own choreography. Junior dance was "Sorry,sorry - SuJu", "Gee - SNSD", "Cabi-cabi - 2PM + SNSD".



Both performance was the highlight of the event, marking it's best performance since few years back. Amazingly, we did better in comparison to UUM's Pesta Tanglung performance. Now UUM students, don't come flaming my blog ok. It's just my rough view based on what others think and experience in both UniMAP and UUM PT.



So, where in the world did "Cilaka" came from? Basically, it all came from the one and only Lady Gaga of UniMAP - Chia Ling. Since her favorite line is "Cilaka la you"... and Cilaka sounds cool, hence the family was named Cilaka ever since. The Cilaka Family has a few titles nominated by it's own members.

  1. Yee Lin a.k.a. "Mommy". She was nominated as "Sokkest" and remains as number 1 in our Top 3 beautiful girls in Cilaka. Stay pretty alright and pray that you won't get any wrinkles.


  2. Melody a.k.a "Sooker" and she's number 2 in our list. I cant help but to sing "Shawty's like a Melody" when I bumped into her. It's like my Ipod stuck on Replay, replay... One advice - stay cute and short!


  3. Amanda a.k.a "Sook". Guys go crazy over this girl. Though she's the youngest and stands at number 3, she's someone you don't wanna mess with.


As for the rest, just be patient until we find a title that best matches your personality and attitude. The family continues to grow when Melody finds her man, CKH! Congratulations to Melody and may you live happily ever after. The original members of Cilaka has extended to 14 members, with Chia Ling and CKH coming in. The biggest and most happening party ever held by us is the farewell dance party @My Cafe and Kuala Perlis.











**May we continue to stay strong, healthy, versatile and awesome!